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Adelaide Cobras - Adelaide Omonoia

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Adelaide Cobras - Adelaide Omonoia

Δημοσίευση από Tsouflidis Την / Το Σαβ 17 Μάης 2008, 01:46



Adelaide Cobras used to be called Adelaide Omonoia. They changed the name to Cobras but kept their Cypriot identity. They use the colours Green and white like Omooia of
Cyprus and the team was founded by Omonoia fans.

The Adelaide Omonia Soccer Club was founded in 1972 by the Cyprus Community of SA. The original concept behind the creation of the club was to give young migrants an outlet to socialise rather than spend their time in the coffee shops and gambling spots of Adelaide.
The founding fathers could not imagine in their wildest dreams the huge success that followed in their endeavours to create the club.
The club name Adelaide Omonia was to signify the City of Adelaide and "Omonia" meaning unity with Adelaide and its surrounding communities and suburbs.
The club was registered and competed in the South Australian Amateur League's Division 4 in 1973. It did not take the club long to taste success and was promoted to Division 3 after winning the Division 4 championship in 1974. By 1981 the club was competing in the South Australian Amateur League's Division 1 and was one of the most competitive teams through the 1980's.
By 1988 the club was looking for a broader challenge. The Adelaide Omonia Soccer Club had established a very successful junior program, and so to give these juniors a path to play in the top level within South Australia, applied for and succeeded in gaining entry into the South Australian Soccer Federation's State League. Over the years the club has established itself as a stable and competitive club well respected within the South Australian Soccer Federation and the broader soccer community.
In 1994 the club was looking to widen its appeal outside of the Cyprus community and hence the Adelaide Cobras Soccer Club was born.

Club Honours

U/19 State League Champions: 1994
U/19 State League Champions: 2006
U/23 State League Champions: 2006
First Team State League Champions: 2006
UEFA Champions League Champions: 2007/008

Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 259
Registration date : 28/03/2008

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